Organ transplant surgery is indeed one of the life-threatening health procedures. It requires surgeons to remove a broken organ from a patient’s body and replace it with a healthy organ. The donor organs should match the recipient in terms of size and blood type before proceeding to the operation. 

surgical malpracticeThere are many different organ transplants, such as heart, lung, pancreas, kidney, and intestine. When transplanting those organs, surgeons have to be careful when operating on a patient to ensure a new life for the recipient. However, surgeons are also human that might make a mistake. Since a surgical error can have tragic consequences on a person’s life, any mistakes, negligence, and improper work practices resulting in patient injuries or death are medical malpractice. Either surgeons or doctors who perform organ transplants and other major surgeries on victims are due to a type of negligence. In this case, performing organ transplant operations and other surgical practices should be well-supervised to prevent such surgical malpractice procedures occur. 

Causes of Surgical Malpractice

surgical malpracticeWhen it comes to organ transplants and any other surgery, no mistake is allowed to guarantee operation success. In this case, the surgeons have to follow the surgical guideline properly. Otherwise, the possibility of surgical malpractices may occur due to the flaws in the surgical guides. The uncertainty within the operation room may lead to some conditions where improper or faulty surgical procedures happen. There might be inappropriate incision, use of unsanitary surgical instruments, removal or perforation of masculinity, delayed surgery, surgery on the wrong organ, and prolonged functional time. These surgical errors will most likely lead to acute complications and, in the most severe cases, death.

Example of Surgical Malpractice

surgical malpracticeWhenever someone has to undergo surgery, such as a simple appendectomy or an acute heart transplant, there is always the risk of surgical negligence. In fact, surgical malpractice can occur in all types of health care operations. Even simple cosmetic procedures can lead to surgical malpractice. Besides organ transplants, other common surgical malpractices may happen during baby delivery and gastric bypass surgery. Also, cardiothoracic, laparoscopic, and intestinal surgery are more surgeries that may lead to medical errors. The harshness behind this issue explains why more financial rewards come with it.

Fact on Surgical Malpractice

In the United States, approximately 225,000 people suffer or die each year. Such high numbers are all due to the negligent acts of healthcare providers and their alternatives. This scary fact puts surgical malpractice as the leading problem causing death in the country. This issue comes together with the fatalities of heart diseases and cancer being the country’s top concern. Fortunately, healthcare staff are now provided with good option to education, as the advanced health simulation comes at free consequences to enhance their skills.

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