The harmful effects of attic pests



What a house mouse can do just to get in your home is very unbelievable. These determined creatures full with “appetite for destruction’’ can squeeze themselves through a crack or an opening similar in size to a ball point pen. These attic pests together with their other cousin species such as moles, squirrels, and bats can easily find their way into your home without your consent. They are known to utilize any small opportunity to get into your home and carry out their unhealthy and destructive activities. You should be very careful to notice any signs of infestation, however, minimal to avoid the harmful effects of attic pest.

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The harmful effects of attic pests

Unfortunately, attic pests like to live and move in a colony. Within a very short period, these nimble creatures taking mice as a good example can rapidly multiply and massively infest your house if you allow them. It is very discouraging how these animals can fill your house in just a few days. Heavy infestation of these creatures in your home will cause severe property damage. Mice and squirrels are known to chew through almost everything in your house. These animals can bite into wooden structure, paper stationery, food stuff, and even worse electrical cables. It is without a doubt these creatures have a potential of causing severe property damage and financial losses.


The harmful effects of attic pests that are known and feared by many is the dirty and unhealthy nature of these animals. Bats, as well as mice and rats, are known to release an uncontrollable amount of droppings in your house in just a few days. It is approximated that a single mouse can release up to 9000 droppings in a year. Mice are known to live in colonies, and they multiply very fast, you can imagine how many droppings will be in your house in some few weeks. Plus the health risks the droppings pose to your family. The disease can also be transmitted through bites and eating from the same place with this illness causing animals.


fdafdasasgfsaIn Conclusion, It is advisable to start taking control measure as soon as you notice any slight signals of attic pest infestation in your house. This because the harmful effects of attic pest are very severe. These creatures can make you undergo severe property loss and damage. They are also very unhealthy since they are capable of transmitting several diseases to human. They are also likely to give you a frequent intense labor of cleaning their droppings from your ceiling and other places such as cabinet and cupboards. If you are searching for for more information click here.

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What You Need To Know About Aspirin Therapy For Your Heart Condition

Aspirin has been most people’s first choice pain reliever for centuries now. Aspirin therapy is considered as an effective medication that can help prevent heart disease and stroke. Studies carried out on the effectiveness of aspirin, showed that people who take aspirin reduced their chances of getting cardiovascular diseases by 10 percent. But not everyone is entitled to use aspirin for their heart condition. There are some necessary facts that you should be aware of before even thinking of it; that is why experts recommend that you get a thorough assessment of your health conditions before starting to use aspirin therapy for your heart.

Things to know about aspirin therapy for your heart

Aspirin therapy not suitable for everyone

thwuosapo43t4rgh43rge4rerhtrt6This therapy is not recommended to be taken on a regular basis unless there is a thorough assessment by a well-informed doctor to justify its use. It is therefore recommended that if you have a heart condition, you ask your doctor to perform a CT scan for your heart beforehand to assess your level of risk in suffering a heart attack in future before prescribing you to aspirin therapy.

It has side effects

Aspirin therapy though beneficial in the long-run, it has its side effects. Experts claim that continuous use of aspirin can lead to increase in bleeding, specifically in the stomach and gastrointestinal areas. Although the bleeding may be minimal and may go away, it can be critical, and no prognosis can be carried out to determine when it will happen or whether or not it will happen.

Aspirin therapy can be a life-saving

If you have previously experienced heart conditions such as heart attack, stroke, bypass surgery, angina or any other coronary artery conditions, then using aspirin is a sure way to keep these heart conditions at bay. Aspirin acts as a secondary prevention with its benefits being more significant than the bleeding risk that could arise from using it.

Consult your doctor before using aspirin therapy for your heart conditions

Aspirin work by inhibiting clotting of the blood platelets, which if not inhibited may lead to blockage of blood supply to the vessels and turn result in heart attack. Due to aspirin capacity to prevent clotting of blood, it is highly advisable first to engage your doctor before proceeding to use this therapy in any emergency treatment, surgery, dental treatment or any test that could cause bleeding. It is also advisable that you don’t stop using aspirin therapy at once as it may lead to a rebound effect.

From the facts above about the use of aspirin therapy for heart conditions, it is clear that all the positive benefits of this therapy outweigh the risk of bleeding which is the only side effect of this therapy. But even though that is true, consulting your doctor before using aspirin therapy is something that you must do before proceeding to use it.

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Five habits to Improve Your Mental Wellness

People who are emotionally healthy have a sense of wellbeing, able to function in every situation and feel confident to rise to a challenge when the opportunity present itself. Having a good mental health means you can be able to handle life’s challenges, recover from the daily setbacks and build a strong relationship with the people around you. Just like a sound physical health, there are habits you can adopt to improve your mental wellness.

Habits to improve your mental wellness.

Improve your body wellness and stay mentally sound by adopting the following simple steps:

Mental Exercises

jjaf32if32lk43tg34gThey help the mind function well as people advance in age. It is quite normal for people with mental illness to experience dull thing and forgetfulness. Exercise your brain by engaging in games with you kids. Games will help you refresh your memory and stay focused.

Manage stress

Being stressed is normal but when it becomes overwhelming, it can aggravate to physical and mental health problems, damage your mood and affect your relationship with the people around you. While stress may be a normal thing, too much stress need to be managed by engaging your senses and use of relaxation techniques such as meditation, progressive muscle relaxation or deep breathing. Another way to manage you stress is to manage you emotion by understanding that emotions, especially those nasty ones can make a huge difference in our ability to manage stress and moods.


It is believed that physical activities such as exercises affects mental health. Studies have shown that a quick round of jumping jacks will improve blood circulation, release tension from the body. The good this is that such exercises can be done in any place even right in your office.


By introducing whole, colorful and living food to you diet, you improve your overall body health. Foods such as fruits and vegetable have vital nutrients feed the body cells, and some regulate your neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

Things to limit or sometime avoid

Isolation: Isolation can lead to depression, whatever situation you are in, avoid isolation by ensuring that you arrange for regular social activities with colleagues, friends, neighbors or family members.

Limit time on screens: people love chatting through the smartphones and computers denying you the face-to-face communication that meaningfully help you connect with others.

Avoid drug abuse and cigarettes: These are body stimulants that make you feel good in the short term without knowing the long-term consequences on your mental health.

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